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MBA Tracks


Banking and Finance Track

Financial institutions are keen to employ people who have a good understanding of financial instruments and/or banking operations. This track will equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to give them a competitive advantage in the financial industry.

Track Electives

B6256 Investment Management
B6258 Equity and Fixed Income Securities
B6259 Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructurings
B6260 International Finance
B6261 Derivatives and Risk Management
B8272 Emerging Markets: Marcoeconomic Policies & Investments*
B8273 Practices in Wealth Management and Private Banking*

Strategy and Innovation Track

This industry track is designed for people who are interested in pursuing specific roles with strong emphasis on strategy, consulting, or roles that allow people to create or manage creation of new products or processes, or growing existing businesses or even start up new businesses (entrepreneurship).

Track Electives

B6054 Entrepreneurship
B6092 Sunzi Bingfa: Applications to Business and Marketing Strategies
B6602 Corporate Sustainability: Strategies, Innovations and Methodologies
B6631 Strategic Technology and Innovation Management
B6834 Strategy Implementation: Key Role of Organisational Design
B6835 Competitive Strategy

General Management Track

Participants in the General Management track may select from the general electives listed below, or any of the specialised track electives.

B6090 Chinese Classics: Applications to Business and Marketing Practices
B6096 Managerial Decision Making
B6252 Financial Statement Analysis
B6351 Strategic HRM
B6358 Global Management of Human Capital
B6359 Human Capital Management and the Law
B6360 Training and Development of Human Capital
B6361 Performance and Compensation Management
B6362 Organisational Change and Development
B6840 Emerging Markets Strategies
B6841 Crisis Scenarios and Contingencies
B8056 Advanced Data Anaytics*
B8057 Green Trading and Emissions Trading for Managers*
B8095 Life Sciences Bootcamp*
B8096 An Essential Toolkit for Managers: Key Frameworks*
B8100 Managing Change in the Workplace​*
B8101 Market Dynamics*
B8601 Supply Chain Management*
B8727 Strategies for China Business* 
A6329 Regional Communication Issues
A6901 Special Topic: International Public Relations
A6902 Special Topic: Organisation Communication and Conflict Management
K6301 Foundations of Knowledge Management
K6302 Knowledge Management Practices and Implementation
AS6007 Government and Politics of Southeast Asia
IP6009 Monitoring, Forecasting and Managing Country Risk and Economic Crisis
IP6016 Energy and Environment Issues
IP6018 Regional and Global Financial Crisis
IP6026 Introduction to the Political Economy of Southeast Asia
IR6004 International Relations of Northeast Asia
S6016 The Study of War
BG7111 The Singapore-Stanford Biodesign Process
TP6001 Entrepreneurship and Business Planning
TP6008 & TP6009 New Venture Creation (Simulation): Implementing Business Strategy & Managing Growth
TP8002 Strategic Human Resource Management for New & Ongoing Ventures
Analytics and Machine Learning in Business*New
Lean Operations & Optimisation*New
AI with Advanced Predictive Techniques in Finance*New
Supply Chain Analytics​*New

Marketing Management

This industry track is designed to equip participants with specialized knowledge of the marketing function with emphasis on specific areas in marketing that are relevant to the industry now and strategic marketing management.

B8947 Strategic Brand Management*
B8956 Accountable Marketing Decisions*
B6097 Neuromarketing and Consumer Neuroscience
Digital Marketing
MKT603 Quantitative Research Methods
MKT604 Qualitative Research Methods
MKT614 Service Marketing in Asia
MKT602 Creativity and Design
MKT651 Ethnography

Human Capital Management

This track is designed for people who are keen to explore a career in human capital of HR management.

B6351 Strategic HRM
B6358 Global Management of Human Capital
B6359 Human Capital Management and the Law
B6361 Performance and Compensation Management
B6362 Organisational Change and Development


* half course (two half courses are equivalent to one full course)​​​​​​​​
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