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Financial Aids And Scholarchips

  1. Can I apply for more than one scholarship?
    Yes, you may apply for more than one scholarship. For the list of scholarships available, please click here
  2. How do I apply for scholarship?
    Just check the box next to the scholarship of your choice in the application form for the scholarships available.

    Do note that for certain scholarships administered by external organisations, you would be required to submit an application directly to the organisation.
  3. If I apply for multiple scholarships, can I be awarded more than one?
    Each candidate will only be awarded one scholarship.
  4. When will I be informed of the scholarship decision?
    Should you be awarded a scholarship, you will be notified approximately 2 weeks after the admission decision.
  5. Does NTU offer student loans or financial aids?
    NTU does not offer student loans or financial aids, however admitted participants of the full-time Nanyang MBA programme may apply for student loans with our partners. For a full list of partners, please refer click here
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