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Leading People Globally

​​Leading People Globally aims to give participants both theoretical and practical understanding of what is required to lead people in organisations, whether locally or globally, where cultures and practices may be similar or different.

Participants will gain insights about their own leadership competencies and will get a chance to further develop many of them. Through this course, participants will also gain a deeper understanding of organisations’ perspective on talent management and how some of them use HR processes to ensure the execution of business strategy.

The topics covered under Leading People Globally are leadership, negotiation, talent management and cultural intelligence. The learning objectives of this course include:

  • Acquire knowledge and self-awareness about competencies required to lead people globally.
  • Understand basic principles of negotiation and demonstrate knowledge of the key processes covered in each session.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills for understanding how culture influences a) thinking, feeling and wanting of self; b) thinking, feeling and wanting of others; and c) the intercultural situation during intercultural encounters.
  • Increase one’s own goal-directed efforts and develop the necessary skills for required tasks, and to motivate and develop others for their tasks.​


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