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A Colonel's Journey through the Nanyang Fellows MBA Programme

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There are few honours greater and more highly respected by society than being charged with the command of the Navy’s most advanced warship: the RSS Supreme. And this is an honour Colonel Jerica Goh serves with pride, knowing she plays a direct role in safeguarding the independence and freedom of Singapore - a calling discovered by chance after her A Levels.

Born and bred in Singapore, NBS alumna Colonel Jerica is a graduate of the Nanyang Fellows MBA Programme. This is a testament to the effectiveness of the MBA courses of one of the best business schools​ in the world​.

The MBA Fellows Programme at NBS offered the right skills she needed

When asked why she chose the Nanyang Fellows Programme, Colonel Goh told us it was because of the relevant skills in management and leadership the MBA courses offered. While not directly related to the Navy, she explained how the course had given her the opportunity to get a feel for the demand of real-world leadership in live consultancy projects with real companies.

The school also collaborates closely with the MIT Sloan School of Management and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Collaborating with these top universities allows for their sharing of expertise and knowledge in their focus fields, thus enhancing the quality of the MBA programmes provided.

Most important of all, the one-year programme​ taught her that it was necessary to keep up with the latest developments happening in the world. The courses she undertook trained her on how to respond appropriately to such situations with a positive attitude, commitment and integrity. In an interview with NBS, she said, “Not only did I learn about the workings of the world, the programme allowed me to do a lot of reflections. When working with people, it is important to stick to core values and be authentic.”

Highly-qualified teaching staff of the MBA Fellows Programme

Colonel Goh also praised the exceptional teaching staff that make up the faculty of business at NBS. Among her favourites is Associate Professor Patricia Tan who brought her accounting lectures to life with her enthusiasm and friendliness, as well as Professor Hong Hai who did an amazing job of impressing upon her the values and wisdom of East Asian culture which continue to remain relevant today.

Last but not least, is Professor Lim Chong Yah, a fatherly figure who freely shared his fascinating experiences while in the service of the National Wages Council and his insights into the nation’s economic development.

Far-reaching cultural diversity at the MBA Fellows Programme

Together with a predominantly Singaporean student population, the MBA course is attended by students from Australia, Cambodia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, who bring with them an incredible variety of cultural backgrounds and experiences that challenge common perceptions and conventions.​

For more information on the MBA Fellowship Programme offered at NBS, request for a Nanyang Fellows MBA Programme Brochure. Start an application today.

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Source: Interview with Fellows MBA alumna, Col Jerica Goh​​​​​

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