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Programme Overview

The Nanyang EMBA is a transformative programme that empowers senior executives to thrive and succeed in the Age of Disruption. Its comprehensive, cutting-edge curriculum is distinguished by three key areas of focus:

Global leadership

Unique leadership modules offered in the Nanyang EMBA programme, such as Cultural Intelligence, Agile Leadership and Coaching, are designed to build sought-after skills like strategic thinking and the ability to manage cross-cultural organisations. In this way, our programme helps to prepare you to become a global leader who is not only culturally-savvy and agile, but is also someone who can make impactful decisions wherever you are placed.

Technology & Innovation

As a world-class business school in a leading technological university, Nanyang Business School (NBS) is uniquely positioned to help you make sense of the impact of new technologies in the business world. Drawing on the latest research by NTU’s groundbreaking research centres, the curriculum explores how automation, AI and robotics have disrupted businesses and how you can use these tools to make better decisions, lead with agility, and gain a competitive edge.


Dynamic Asia

Asia’s growing influence on the global economy makes it a dynamic and exciting place to be doing business in today. From economic issues to emerging market strategies, the Nanyang EMBA programme delves into Asian markets in detail for an understanding of what drives the region’s economic success.


The curriculum is delivered in an environment of experiential learning that focuses on the real needs of businesses, and includes the practical real-world application of skills on the programme’s signature Live Consultancy Project (LiNC).

NBS is proud to offer the EMBA in collaboration with our partner institutions, UC Berkeley and Wharton, School of the University of Pennsylvania. You will take courses such as Technology-based Innovation & Disruption at UC Berkeley, surrounded by the inspiring atmosphere of Silicon Valley, and cover advanced finance at a corporate strategy level at Wharton, renowned for its expertise in finance.​

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