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Leadership 4.0: Leadership Agility in Age of Disruption

​Course Description

“Unprecedented and simultaneous advances in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the internet of things, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, materials science, energy storage, quantum computing and others are redefining industries, blurring traditional boundaries, and creating new opportunities” (Klaus Schwab, Chairman, World Economic Forum).

From advanced robotics and machine learning to software-as-a-service and the Internet of Things (IoT), these changes have a disruptive impact on how global businesses are led and how global operations are managed. As the pace of change accelerates, leaders have to more agile than ever before. Leaders will have to quickly assimilate new knowledge and assess the implications for their organizations. How do executives develop foresight and translate insight into action? How can executives develop greater leadership agility to lead this change in their organizations? What can new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), block chain and digitization do or cannot do for businesses? What are the key challenges in implementing new technologies? How can these challenges be managed?

This course equips participants with Leadership 4.0 capabilities and insights critical to exploring and exploiting new technological advancements. Leadership 4.0 framework, Foresight-Insight-Action toolkit, and systems principles will be covered to help leaders assess, analyze and implement new technologies. A multimodal approach will be used in the course to optimize learning. 

Relevance of the course

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), the accompanying disruption and acceleration, and the increased complexity of business operations makes it urgent to revisit the assumptions and practices that have defined our ways of leading and organizing. There’s a critical need to explore and examine new leadership frameworks such as Leadership 4.0.

Leaders need to understand, decide and act on the opportunities unleashed by new technologies such as artificial intelligence, block chain and digitization. Leaders need to consider what is possible now, what will be possible in the future, and what other industries are doing that could give their businesses a competitive advantage. Leaders also need to manage the challenges in implementing new technologies.

This is not a technical course on new technologies (technical information is presented to provide a foundational understanding and context); instead the focus is on organizational readiness, skills gaps and competencies for participants to develop Leadership 4.0 capabilities in dealing with new technologies. The course is intended to help senior leaders to develop greater leadership agility and obtain greater value on using systems principles in navigating Industry 4.0 landscape.

This course presents a new collaboration and partnership between NBS and CoE as faculty from both Colleges will be involved in teaching the course. This collaboration is aligned to the networked structure inherent in new ways of organizing in Industry 4.0. There is a balance between academic rigor and industry relevance as industry practitioners and guest speakers are featured in the course. There is also a learning expedition to a leading high tech company.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand Leadership 4.0 framework
2. Able to leverage Leadership 4.0 capabilities to explore and exploit new technologies
3. Understand opportunities and challenges in new technologies such as artificial
    intelligence (AI), block chain, and digitization
4. Able to use Foresight-Insight-Action toolkit to develop foresight and translate insight into action
5. Able to use systems principles to assess, analyze and implement new technologies.

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