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Programme Structure

​​​​​You will be required to complete:
(a) 20 core courses (which includes the seminar series FE8826 Seminar in Special Topics).
(b) 4 elective courses.

The curriculum will be taught over 3 trimesters (1 year). If you wish to undertake the programme on a part-time basis, you will require 6 trimesters (2 years).

Each trimester is divided into 2 mini terms of 7 weeks each, with two recesses, one in December-January, and another in April-May (Exact dates to be confirmed). 

(Jul - Nov)

​Mini Term 1
(Jul - Sep)
​Mini Term 2
(Sep - Nov)

(Nov - Mar)
​Mini Term 3
(Nov - Dec)
​Mini Term 4
(Jan - Mar)

(Mar - Jun)

​Mini Term 5
(Mar - Apr)
​Mini Term 6
(May - Jun)

CMU Term

You will spend the first 5 mini terms in Nanyang Business School in Singapore and the final 7-week mini term (Mini Term 6) in Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in the US (subject to US visa approval if applicable). 

The CMU term is compulsory for all full-time students. Part-time students may opt out of this, but this should be done during the time of application, and is subject to the final approval of Nanyang Business School. The remaining courses will be completed at NTU to fulfil graduation requirements.Tuition fees are unchanged for students who opt out of the CMU term.

On the successful completion of CMU term courses, you will be awarded a Certificate in Computational Finance by CMU. 

Class Hours

All classes are held on campus at NTU. Each course will have a total of 21 hours of instruction. For each course, you will meet for 3½ hours per week for 6 weeks. Examinations will be held in the 7th week. To cater to working professionals taking the course, classes for full-time and part-time students are conducted in the evenings on weekdays and on selected Saturday mornings or afternoons. 

On average, full-time students take 4-5 classes a week and part-time students take 2-3 classes a week.

Period of Candidature

Students are required to complete the programme within the periods stipulated below:

Minimum Candidature ​

​Full-Time ​12 months (3 trimester or 6 mini terms)
​Part-Time ​24 months (6 trimesters or 12 mini terms)
Maximum Candidature ​

​Full-Time ​24 months (6 trimesters or 12 mini terms)
​Part-Time ​48 months (12 trimesters or 24 mini terms)


You may apply for exemptions of up to a maximum of 3 core courses, subject to approval. The period of application will be advised by the MFE Office.
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