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Director's Message

Charlie Charoenwong_15Apr19.jpg
Associate Professor Charlie Charoenwong
MSc (Financial Engineering) Programme 
Nanyang Business School

The Master of Science in Financial Engineering programme offered by the Nanyang Business School is a highly rigorous programme. 

The combined expertise of the Nanyang Business School with the School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences in NTU, provides students with a broad-based education in high technology finance, combining the technical and conceptual advances in Computer Science, Mathematics and Finance. 

It challenges and builds the intellect while at the same time prepares participants for practical use of advanced financial techniques in the industry. Moreover, our collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, USA, brings financial practices of the East and West live to the classrooms. 

Graduates of this programme can look forward to taking on very challenging careers in the areas of risk management, quantitative asset management, product structuring, quantitative trading, quantitative research, financial information technology as well as other areas in high-technology finance.

We are proud of our graduates from this highly selective programme who have made a significant impact in the financial industries locally and internationally. We invite you to be part of this community.

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