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Fees and Financing

The Tuition Fee for Academic Year 2019/2020 is as follows:


Please note that from the July 2019 intake onwards, there will no longer be MOE subsidy for the MFE programme.  All enrolled students in the programme will have to pay the full fee.  The following fees will be applicable:


Application Fee: S$100  

Enrolment Fee: S$10,000 (inclusive of GST, non-refundable and payable upon acceptance of offer of admission)

Tuition Fee: S$56,000** (inclusive of GST and S$10,000 enrolment fee, payable in instalments over 3 terms for full-time programme; over 6 terms for part-time programme)


*Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Singapore is currently 7% 


** The tuition fee for AY 2020/2021 is indicative and is subject to change.  Final fee will be updated on our website when it is availableThe tuition fee does not include travel and living expense for the final term in Carnegie Mellon University, USA.  Estimated cost of between S$6,500 and S$8,500 is to be fully borne by participants.


 All Fees are inclusive of GST

Tuition Fees are payable on a Trimester basis.
Fees for full-time study are payable in installments over 3 Trimesters.
Fees for part-time study are payable in installments over 6 Trimesters.

Tuition fees are subject to review every year. Students in the Part-time programme will be affected by fee revisions (if any) in their second year. Existing students may check your fees at the University's Graduate Admissions website here.

The tuition fee does NOT include travelling and living expenses for the compulsory term of study at Carnegie Mellon University, which is estimated to cost between S$6,500-S$8,500 for each student. Students will bear these additional expenses. Tuition fee will not be pro-rated if the student does not go to CMU.

Other Fees
These are additional miscellaneous fees payable at the time of registration and after registration. Please click here to go to the Office of Academic Service's website for the latest details.

    • The Tuition Fee is to be paid only upon receipt of the bill from the Office of Finance. The bill will be sent to candidates after they have registered formally with the University. The above fees will also be included in the bill.

    • Candidates who withdraw from the programme within the first 2 weeks of the first semester shall not be liable for the Tuition Fee, Examination Fee, Amenities Fee and Copyright Fee. Candidates who withdraw from the programme after the second week shall be liable for payment of Tuition Fee, Examination Fee, Amenities Fee and Copyright Fee due for the entire term.

Billing Enquiries
Bills will be sent by the Office of Finance. Students are encouraged to pay fees through GIRO. For information on modes of payment please refer to the Office of Finance website here.
Scholarships & Grants
MFE Merit Scholarship
Nanyang Business School will be awarding partial scholarships to outstanding candidates to nurture talents for the competitive quantitative finance field.  Scholarship applicants must possess strong academic records, demonstrated leadership qualities and potential,  and for working professionals, a good career progression. 
This scholarship is open to all nationalities, except those who are already receiving scholarship.  To be eligible for the merit scholarship, a complete online application and required supporting documents must be submitted by the Round 2 deadline.
MAS Finance Scholarship Programme (FSP) 

MAS administers the Finance Scholarship Programme, which seeks to develop a pipeline of specialist leaders in targeted fields such as quantitative finance, risk management, actuarial science and applied finance. It comprises 2 tracks, Company and Individual Track where MAS co-funds with Singapore-based Financial Institutions or outstanding individuals to enable Singaporeans to pursue the best specialist postgraduate education at a world-renowned university.
Upon graduation, scholars will play a pivotal role as an expert in their chosen area of specialisation in a Singapore-based financial institution. Becoming leaders in the industry, they will contribute to Singapore’s financial sector growth.
To find out more information regarding the Finance Scholarship Programme, please refer to​.
NTU Alumni Grant
NTU alumni who have completed a bachelor’s or post-graduate degree at NTU are eligible for an alumni grant of 10% of the tuition fees. The subsidy can only be used to offset the tuition fee and cannot be used to offset other costs such as student service fees or miscellaneous fees.
Singapore Citizen & Singapore PR Grant
Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents are eligible for a grant of 10% of the tuition fees. The subsidy can only be used to offset the tuition fee and cannot be used to offset other costs such as student service fees or miscellaneous fees.

Note: You will be awarded either the NTU Alumni Grant or Singapore Citizen/ SPR Grant even if you are eligible for both 

Education Loans (Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident)
If you are a Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident, you may contact one of the following institutions directly to apply for an education loan.

Please note that NTU is not an agent for these institutions and students must apply for the loans directly with the respective institutions and abide by their terms and conditions.
  • Maybank
  • OCBC​
  • NTUC Thrift​
  • TCC (Telecom Credit Co-Operative)
    Education Loans (International Students)
    Email: (for International Students only)​
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