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Technology is upending traditional business strategies and creating opportunities to disrupt incumbents. With all the spotlight on technological disruption, companies are scrambling to jump onto the digital transformation bandwagon.

Download this article now and find out how you can effectively formulate a targeted digital transformation strategy and measure your digital efforts:

  • Learn about the 4 specific tech disruption scenarios facing many old technology ecosystems today: Creative Destruction, Illusion of Resilience, Robust Coexistence, Robust Resilience
  • Understand the defining characteristics of each tech disruption scenario and identify which scenario your business falls into
  • Formulate a comprehensive digital transformation strategy that tackles the challenges faced in your specific tech disruption scenario: Passive Participation, Preemptive Reinvention, Strategic Collaboration, Platform Transformation
  • Be equipped with the tools needed to measure your digital transformation efforts and demonstrate business value to your organization’s key players
If you’re looking to stay ahead of the disruption curve and use innovation as your driving force of change, download “Fending off Disruption: Incumbent Strategies for Digital Transformation” by Professor Sia from Nanyang Business School.

About the Author

Professor Sia Siew Kien is the associate professor of Information Technology and Operations Management at Nanyang Business School. This article was written in collaboration with his research associate, Mou Xu.

Professor Sia Siew Kien
Associate Professor,
College of Business
(Nanyang Business School)

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