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​A decade of sports, friendship and charity

Published on: 05-Feb-2020

MBA participants from Nanyang Business School (NBS), National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School, Singapore Management University (SMU) Lee Kong Chian School of Business, ESSEC Business School and S P Jain Center of Management participated in the 10th MBA Olympics held on 19 January 2020. 

An annual sporting event organised by the NBS MBA Student Executive Committee, the MBA Olympics aims to inspire and foster stronger connections among business students while raising funds for a charitable cause. The event raised $2700 for Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home, our beneficiary this year.

10 MBA olympics - 1.jpg

The highlight of this year’s MBA Olympics was the Deans’ Relay where teams from NBS, NUS, SMU and ESSEC – led by Prof Robert Kennedy (NBS), Prof Andrew K Rose (NUS), Prof Gerard George (SMU), Prof Xavier Pavie (ESSEC) respectively – raced one another for the top spot. 

10 MBA olympics - 2.jpg    10 MBA olympics -3.jpg
Teams SMU (left) and ESSEC (right) came in first and second in the Deans’ Relay.

The Deans’ Relay is also the first of four competitions of the Deans’ Challenge – a challenge from the deans of NBS, NUS, SMU and INSEAD to their MBA participants. As part of this Challenge, each school will be tasked to organise a competition which would facilitate networking and the development of managerial skills, all for a good cause.  

10 MBA olympics - 4.jpg 10 MBA olympics - 5.jpg
10 MBA olympics - 6.jpg 10 MBA olympics - 7.jpg
10 MBA olympics - 8.jpg 10 MBA olympics - 9.jpg
Schools competed across sports such as basketball, track, badminton, tennis, swimming, and soccer.

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