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​Nanyang Centre for Emerging Markets publishes two Annual Status Reports

Published on: 31-Oct-2019

The term Emerging Market (EM) is ubiquitous in the research world and yet we know very little about what exactly an EM is.

Nanyang Centre for Emerging Markets (CEM) aims to provide a better understanding of the vibrancy, dynamism and influence of EMs across the world through two recently published reports – 2019 Emerging Markets Rankings Report: Feeling the Pulse of an Investor and Revisiting Soft Power: 2019 Rankings.

2019 Emerging Markets Rankings Report: Feeling the Pulse of an Investor presents a comprehensive EM Index. The Index assesses the performance of EMs across six dimensions that are integral for potential investors – macroeconomic performance, infrastructure and connectivity, financial sector development, development profile and endowments, external orientation and financing, and institutional quality – and ranks the 95 EMs into five categories: Advanced, Accelerating, Intermediate, Early and Dormant EMs.

The notion of soft power in international relations reflects the ability of a country to assert its influence on the global stage without exercising coercion. Relying on the conceptual framework developed by CEM, Revisiting Soft Power: 2019 Rankings compares the soft power EMs have vis-à-vis one another, relative to the soft power wielded by more advanced economies. 

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