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Many drops make a shower

Published on: 26-Feb-2020

For many, the concept of philanthropy is often associated with the size of donations. But philanthropy isn’t about how much money you have. There’s no magic figure in your bank account that suddenly turns you into a philanthropist. 

The spirit of philanthropy is a desire to contribute to society and improve the lives of others. It’s about an intention and choosing to act upon that intention to make a difference. Regardless of who we are, or what we do, we all have the power to give back. 

pravin 1.jpg
NBS alumnus Pravin Raj, centered, was President of the NBS MBA Student Executive Council from 2017-2018

NBS MBA alumnus Pravin Raj understands this. Within his own cohort, he saw first-hand the transformative impact of scholarships. Without financial support, many students would never have had the opportunity to study at NBS. When he received his MBA in 2018, Pravin was inspired to make an annual donation to ensure these opportunities were available to more students.

“I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to obtain a quality education, to give them the stepping stone they need,” he shares.

“A boss once told me that he had always wanted to give back in his 20s and 30s,” Pravin recalls. “He kept telling himself ‘I’d do it later, I’d do it later’, but he never felt the time was right. Before he knew it, 40 years had passed.”

pravin 2.jpg

Pravin Raj (far right), with fellow coursemates and NTU President Subra Suresh (fourth from left) at the 8th Nanyang MBA Olympics.

This proved to be a valuable lesson for Pravin. “It’s never too early to give back,” he says. “It’s not about the size of the donation. The positive impact that you can create in the lives of others cannot be underestimated. Every little bit helps.”

Every gift to NBS has the power to make a difference. Gifts from alumni play an important role in allowing NBS to extend beyond our core programs and provide greater opportunities to students. Gifts to NBS directly support students through scholarships and bursaries, promote academic and research excellence of our faculty, and maintain the reputation of the school as a leading global educator of future business leaders. 

You can make a real difference with your generosity. Support current and future generations of NBS students by making a gift to the NBS Advancement Fund today

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